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Green living eco project

Green living eco project

What we can do for You within this proyect is provide your house with non toxic everything, “a green house “, so that you can live in a perfectly pure environment that is healthy for You and your Family thus making you an aware and super consious consumer, a true inspiration for others to follow! We can also make your very own Paradise” bio diversity garden ” with all the organic foods, medicinals, ornamentals and hardwood trees that you would need for Life and generations to come.

These are gardens that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds and other exotic animals, if we only provide the foods that for example, Lapa Roja needs (fruits, flowers, seeds and leaves of el Jabillo, el Gallinazo, la Ceiba, el Ojoche and  their favourite la Palma Real), we make it possible for them to live there!

If you are interested in Solar Power, feel free to delve into our Solar Power page.