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US$ 620,000 incl. 5,000 sqm (1.24 acre +), Ocean View Costa Rica Real Estate

Upgrade Ocean View Type

+ US$ 50,000: Ocean View – Amazing,  like on the main picture on the homepage

+ US$ 150,000: Ocean View – Premium

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House specifications for BELLEVUE MARBELLA

Built area — 300 sqm  / 2.229 square feet
Bedroom — 2
2Bathroom — 2
Pool— 1
Construction time — 10 months


We build Luxury Line Villas here in this Costa Rica Real Estate and also provide all the Services you need

Costa Rica Real Estate BELLEVUE MARBELLA

Costa Rica Real Estate BELLEVUE MARBELLA Bedroom


Above all, this Eco Real Estate is in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, 1 of ONLY 5 Known Blue Zones in the World 😍

Even more, the lot you buy is 5.000m3 (1.24 acre +) = So you have  100% Privacy

Costa Rica Real Estate kitchen and corridor Costa Rica Real Estate roof perfect for solar panels


Some words of the Project Owner

My partner loves this design most off all 12 we have right now. This is also one of my favorite Villas we offer in this Costa Rica in this unique Eco Real Estate. Do you have your own Dream Home? Send us a picture and in case you do not have the construction plans no problem we will make them. First of all, we just need the square meters or square feet the Villa has and the construction type to make you an offer. While this is the first offer so you know approximately where we are, we will work together all de details to get finally the end amount.

First of all, be sure that the prices in the Luxury Line are certainly 1/3 or the ones you would be paying in the US or Europe. Why? This is because we reduced our margin in the Luxury Line and certainly we want to attract people how to care about nature. This is what we love to protect in this Real Estate Eco Project in Costa Rica. 


As a result of the very good Relation Ship we have with our Customers, you are more than welcome to talk to them. So you get very personal information on what kind of top-level services you can expect in this Real Estate in Costa Rica.

While in Latin America and a lot of other places in the world it is very common to pay 20-30% more. Yes, talk to your friends and you will get this confirmed. Talk to our Customers and they will tell you the opposite. When it comes buying Real Estate in Costa Rica or where else during the construction process prices for this and that went up. We want to give you the peace of mind and the amount we agreed in the contract is the amount you will pay.

Costa Rica Real Estate night picture Costa Rica Real Estate with Waterfall





What happens if we make a Calculation Error?

What happens if we make a Calculation error? Finally, I have been asked this from our Swiss Clients who are building right now. As a result of such a very unhappily case we will learn it in a hard way. Yes, in such a case we will pay it from our margin and for sure not you from your pocket. This is how we do business in this Eco Real Estate Project in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Real Estate BELLEVUE MARBELLA Pool Costa Rica Real Estate fireplace at pool
BELLEVUE MARCELLA Living room Costa Rica Real Estate Living Room Costa Rica Real Estate BELLEVUE MARBELLA Bedroom Costa Rica Real Estate BELLEVUE MARBELLA Living room Costa Rica Real Estate BELLEVUE MARBELLA pool

In other words, Costa Rica Real Estate Villa Marbella is a realy beauty

For any individual building ideas please contact us by e-mail or our contact form.